Out & About

One of the main attraction in Japan is Food. If you'd ask a foreigner what they like about Japan, 'Food' will definitely be one of the favourites.

When it comes to preparing a meal, Japanese are very particular about the presentation. They believe that a well-presented dish shows how much they care about the food they prepare and the person they're serving.
I believe so too, therefore, I really love to look at all the Japanese cookbooks whereby they'll teach you how to cook and serve.

Bento Fever

Recently, there has been a 'Bento-making Fever' going on in Japan. You should see the bentos the moms made, they look too precious to be placed down the stomach.

I, myself, joined in the fun, making amatuer bentos with the help of the bento-making tools & accessories.

As I'm not good at cooking, these tools really help me 'cover-up'.

At the end of March every year, everyone in Japan will pack their lunchboxes and head to a park or somewhere along the river to enjoy the view of full-bloomed Cherry Blossoms (Sakura). They called it 'Hanami' in Japanese, which means 'watching the flowers'.
This year, we went to a park at the hill top near Kobe for a 'Hanami' picnic. The cherry blossoms were so beautiful, so I took a few pictures to share with everyone.